13 Best Couple Games for iOS

Are you looking for fun games that you can play with your significant other? Do you both own an iOS device? If yes and you are in a relationship, we came with a unique article featuring some of the best couple games for iOS devices. You can play these games together. Additionally, playing these best iOS couple games can increase friendships for singles as well.

Everyone enjoys playing games together wherever they are. Playing these games together teaches couples to work together. In times of separation, you miss each other and wish to spend more time together in the future. Playing together with these best couple of games for iOS can help you strengthen your relationship.

So, without further delay, have a look at a list of the best iOS couple games that you would love to play with your partner and add an extra zing to your relationship.

The Best Couple Games for iOS

1. Between, The App Couples Love

A lasting relationship is built on communication, not just talking. Unlike other couple games, Between takes this approach. There is no other app like Between for couples and that is why listed in our article featuring best iOS couple games on top of the list.

To create wonderful memories together, you can use several free emoticons, gifs, and even gif-ified selfies. You can also store and access these precious moments. Using Between throughout the day lets you stay connected to your partner.

Features at a glance

  • With Between, you can use free GIF selfies and emoticons to make your conversations more romantic!
  • Easily store your images, videos, and notes! Your data remains safe even if you switch phones.
  • Share your schedules and special days with each other! Countdowns for shared calendar events and special days are automatically calculated!
  • Customers can manage their subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from within their Account Settings after purchasing a subscription.
  • If a subscriber does not use the trial period prior to purchasing a subscription, it will be forfeited.

best iOS couple game apps

2. Passion – Intimate Game App for Couples

Looking for some extra fun in your life with your partner? We bring this one of the best couple games for iOS that would definitely up your intimacy level and bring the fun. This best iOS couple game app will help you to know your partner better in a fun and quirky quiz puzzle game.

We don’t always like to talk about the naughtier parts of life. Using iPassion, you can discuss these topics in an approachable way. Your significant other gets to ask you questions and then guesses the answers you give.

By doing this, you can better understand each other’s preferences, especially in your private moments. Apps like these are meant to bring you and your partner closer together. So, what are you waiting for, download the game, have fun with your partner, increase the intimacy, and hit the bedroom right away?

Features at a glance

  • By customizing your quiz, you can find out more about your partner’s likes and dislikes.
  • If you know what you’re doing, you could win a great prize or favor at the end of each round.
  • These quizzes will help you to find out your partner’s choices when you are intimate.
  • You can download this best iOS couple game for free.
  • This app has been worldwide appreciated by couple counselors and therapists and recommended to couples.

best iOS couple game apps

3. BT – Card Game for Couples

A combination of meaningful conversations and good times, this best game app for iOS is all about it. This is the best way to have a deep and meaningful conversation in a lighthearted and friendly atmosphere.

This best iOS couple game app consists of a variety of “question cards” that players take turns sending to each other. These cover a variety of topics, including curiosity, memories, and goals. They’re most beneficial because they can be replayed. There will never be a shortage of conversation topics no matter how much or how often you play BT.

This is one of the best iOS couple games that you can play to break your mundane life and know more about your partner and have meaningful conversations.

Features at a glance

  • Your past answers are logged in the history section that you can check later too.
  • Answering questions will earn you points and rewards.
  • You can offer your partner a twist by offering modifier cards like “Reverse the Question” or “Skip the Turn”
    just like you find on UNO game.
  • A weekly challenge to show your affection for each other.
  • Answer options that provide multimedia such as images, audio, or video to spice up your replies.
  • A community forum where members can exchange tips and stories.

best iOS couple game apps

4. Couple Widget – Love Countdown

Are you keeping track of your love life? Then there are many best couple iOS game apps geared towards that purpose but Couple Widget is topnotch. In the arsenal of romantic bookkeeping, this app is best.

This best couple game app for iOS makes sure you don’t miss important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. The widget doesn’t take too much space and looks beautiful on your iOS screen with beautiful pictures.

Couple Widget is for your significant other only, so it’s not a calendar reminder. Personalize the widget with your loved one’s photograph.

Features at a glance

  • It’s been XXX Days Since Been Together is shown in the widget.
  • You can also show anniversaries (10days, 100days, TheDayBefore, etc.)
  • Display and edit widgets easily.
  • Lot of themes to choose from.
  • A very small app and doesn’t require too much space.
  • Congratulate your partner on special days with the help of this couple widget and surprise them with gifts.

best iOS couple game apps

5. Happy Couple

Another one in our list of best iOS couple game apps is Happy Couple, This best iOS couple game is simple and classic that is sometimes enough to ignite that spark. Quizzes can be enjoyed by a couple together in this app. In the end, knowing as much about the other person as possible is important.

This app features an endless no. of romantic quiz questions that you can ask from your partner and up with an intimacy game without taking too much fuss.

Features at a glance

  • With the romantic quizzes, it’s easy to discover one another (and even oneself).
  • You also have access to couples’ challenges by completing them.
  • If you don’t use the app, you might miss out on valuable insights about your partner.
  • Increase your intimacy level and love between you and your partner with ease.
  • Recommended by many couple counselors worldwide that this app helped newlywed or even old married couples.

best iOS couple game apps

6. Truth or Dare: Party Game

Remember a popular pastime in the past was “Spin the Bottle” and you get to choose what you want a ‘Truth’ or ‘Dare”. This is one of the best iOS couple games that is built on the same concept. It is excellent for almost every age group above 17+. So, if you are a teen couple or an old married couple, do try this app and add extra spice to your life.

This best couple game for iOS has a wide variety of clean and dirty dares that being a couple you can try and increase the intimacy level.

Features at a glance

  • Depending on the age group of the players (kids, teens, adults), you can set different kinds of questions and dares.
  • The questions and dares can also be created by the players themselves.
  • Afterward, you spin the virtual bottle to see what you need to answer or accomplish.
  • Couples will enjoy the gradual transition to more thrilling questions and dares.

best iOS couple game apps 

7. Bliss Lite – A Game for Lovers

In this romantic bedtime game, couples compete against each other. In general, it isn’t centered around sexuality. The focus is on the finer details of your intimacy as a couple. It helps you create and sustain romance.

As a result, it’s essentially a board game with dice. The game will choose an action for you based on where you end up on the board. It depends on what you’re wearing, how long you’ve played, what music you played, etc. This is one of the best iOS couple game apps that can give something new and surprising in the lovemaking process.

Features at a glance

  • More than 500 built-in actions you can try.
  • It is a board game, roll the dyes and move around and you have to do exactly what’s on the menu.
  • You can add custom music or enjoy what is already in this best iOS couple game.
  • It is one of the best bedtime games that you will play with your partner and enjoy different cosplays, scenes, etc.

best iOS couple game apps

8. Kindu for Couples

You can empower your imagination with this one of the best iOS couples games. There are a lot of relationship ideas in Kundu that you can implement. This iOS couples game will allow you to communicate in better ways which we mostly miss because of our tight schedules.

As it has a password, it will also prevent anyone from spying on you or your partner. Your loved one will send you challenges/ideas, and you will respond. Alternatively, you can design your own.

Features at a glance

  • Your relationship will be more intimate if you do these things. There are more than 1000 relationship ideas for you guys to try.
  • Explore new fun activities with your partner.
  • This app will help to learn more about him or her.
  • Tasks contain both laughter and inside jokes and start an adventure together.
  • Refer customers to quality products or services by providing them with tips or referrals.
  • You can use on two separate devices.

best iOS couple game apps

9. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz

Wouldn’t it be nice if your partner knew you better than you think they do? New lovers, long-term relationships, and newlyweds will all find the questions in this fun little game fun. This is one of the best iOS couples games which is also an excellent way to learn about each other.

There are over 100 questions to choose from. You can take your time; there’s no pressure. You can also save the answers for later use as gifts ideas or date night plans!

Features at a glance

  • One of the most popular smartphone games for couples.
  • It features chat options for flirting and learning more about one another.
  • Your love will be brought to the next level with questions covering many revealing topics.
  • Take your time to play – save progress so you can continue when you want.
  • You can save your answers and guesses in the app for later use.
  • With multiple categories of conversation cards, you’ll be able to start conversations with people in a fun and intimate way
  • Provide them with relationship coupons. There will be no coupons anymore. Create your own coupons or choose from hundreds of samples.

best iOS couple game apps

10. Sex Dice – Sex Game for Couple

There’s Sex Dice – the best couples game app for iOS made for those who want to spice up the bedroom life or want to enjoy long hours of foreplay sessions.

The app lets you play dice games by shaking your mobile device. As a result, you and your girlfriend or boyfriend will always do something naughty together. Additionally, you can practice erotic ideas with your partner in this app.

Features at a glance

  • The dice can be customized with specific actions and body parts.
  • For an unlimited number of players – could be best for sexy parties.
  • Players have the option of playing with either men or women.
  • You can either take turns at random or go round the group.
  • Simple and highly customizable user interface.
  • With so many features and things you can try in this app, we are sure this could spice up your sex life.

best iOS couple game apps

11. Love Nudge

It is not the first thing on our to-do lists to express our love. However, you can do that with Love Nudge. According to the five love languages, you can set up and track romance goals using this app. Take this app as your personal assistant for your love relationship.

In short, this is basically a habit-forming app to make you remember expressing love to your partner more often because we tend to forget in our so much busy schedules.

Features at a glance

  • An app that helps you intentionally show love to your partner in ways that are meaningful to him or her, Love Nudge is a fun, habit-forming app.
  • Aims to enhance real-life relationships.
  • Getting better communication and intimacy starts with learning each other’s love languages, exchanging encouraging and playful nudges, setting and tracking activity goals, and monitoring your love tanks.
  • The app takes the cue from Dr. Gary Chapman’s best-selling book “5 Love Languages”.

best iOS couple game apps

12. Desire – Couples Game

Being intimate with your partner becomes harder after you get married. As a result, your daily activities and chores take over, and you are occupied with multiple concerns. A couple of game apps like Desire are perfect for those who want to keep their relationship a priority.

Engage your partner in daily dares to keep love & passion alive throughout the day. These ideas will help you keep your couple’s life fresh.

Features at a glance

  • Dare your partner from thousands of dares.
  • New dares are updated weekly so that you won’t run out of them ever.
  • Give points to your partner once they accept and complete the dare and increase the spirit of the game.
  • Just by shaking the phone, you can send lots of pre-typed e-loves in just a few seconds.
  • One of the best iOS couple games to have a chat feature that is encrypted and secure.
  • Keep a private journal to note then your private moments with your loved one.

best iOS couple game apps

13. Can’U – Sex Game for Couples

You can spice up your bedroom activities by playing this sex-focused game. Basically, you are challenging your partner with sexy challenges, but you are not fully aware of what you are doing. Dynamism and spontaneity are the hallmarks of this game.

Additionally, you’ll never be sure when the naughty surprise will arrive. The anticipation will be thrilling. You can also choose how extreme your level of “hotness” is.

Features at a glance

  • More than 1000 sexy dares that you or your partner can try.
  • Surprise dares often pop-ups in between for the thrilling experience.
  • A lot of stages and fun activities to choose from depending on your mood and situation is.
  • LGBT content is available too.
  • No one can feel guilty because the sender won’t know what was the dare – A complete surprise for both of you.

best iOS couple game apps

With this, we came to an end featuring some of the most acknowledged and best iOS couple games that any age group couple can try to spice up their love relationship. If you are using any of these best couple games for iOS, do let us know your feedback. This would definitely help our readers.

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